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Our team of management employment specialists has over one hundred years of OFCCP auditing experience.

We can conduct a comprehensive compliance review of your facilities in preparation for actual OFCCP compliance

Let our management employment team review your desk audit submission before you send that data to OFCCP.

We specialize in finding problems before the OFCCP does.

Let us review your personnel and compensation data before an audit occurs, so you can take the appropriate
corrective actions early enough to correct them.

We also conduct adverse impact and compensation analyses before the agency reviews your data.

Here are some things that we can do for you!

  • Provide Industry Leading “OFCCP Mock Desk
  • Audits”.
  • Mediation and Training.
  • Affirmative Action Plan Development and
  • Implementation.
  • Excellent Value with Exceptional Price
  • iPlan Go Green on-line AAP
  • On-site Compliance Audit

Recent Remedies:

  • EEOC v. Quietflex (S.D. Tex.): 78 Latino production workers shared $2.8 million to resolve alleged national
  • origin claims
  • EEOC v. Trans Bay Steel, Inc. (C.D. Cal.): 48 Thai welders shared $1 million to resolve alleged national
  • origin discrimination claims
  • EEOC v. Jeff Wyler Eastgate, Inc. (S.D. Ohio): 39 women shared $2.3 million to resolve alleged sexual
  • discriminations claims alleging failure to hire  EEOC v. Flushing Meadow Geriatric Center, Inc. (E.D.N.Y.): 29 Black and Caribbean employees shared
  • $900,000 to resolve alleged racial harassment claims
  • EEOC v. Michigan Steel Tubing Company: $500,000 to settle EEOC class alleging race bias
  • EEOC v. Caesars Palace: $850,000 for alleged sexual harassment and retaliation

Our services are all inclusive You acquire a back office support staff of personnel that is working on your behalf. Your own account manager Over 100 years of OFCCP Compliance Officers Auditing Experience Industry Leading “OFCCP Mock Desk Audit” Mediation and Training Technology base iPlan On-site Compliance Audit Conduct adverse impact and compensation analyses.

We offer the following services at no additional costs to you:

No upfront cost s or set-up fees

No additional costs based on the number of employees

No additional costs for running Vets-100 / EEO-1

No additional costs for 24/7 phone support

No additional costs for on -line training

No additional costs representation if needed

No additional costs for Mid-year electronic managerial reports

No additional costs for Compensation Analysis by Job Groups and Positions

No additional costs for special report requests from municipalities Consolidated Corporate Red Flag.

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Or call toll free: 800-698-1084

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