Why is it important to build/form a long-term relationship with one IT Staffing Company

Why is it important to build/form a long-term relationship with one IT Staffing Company. 

Companies with a consistent and sizable need for temporary IT staffing stand to benefit from forming a long-term relationship for several reasons, including having access to a broad, specialized pool of employees who can be qualified to meet the specific needs of your industry or business; having a single point of contact who can handle all of your IT staffing needs; and realizing the potential cost savings that comes from working with someone who has knowledge of your business and your industry.

Having a long-term relationship helps us as IT recruiters build familiarity and a knowledge base that will help us prepare a cadre of pre-qualified candidates for you to review and consider. Doing this means that when your project begins, your recruiters should be prepared to provide you with better-qualified candidates in a much shorter period of time.

However, failing to establish a long-term relationship with your recruiter can result in a ‘revolving door’ situation with hires that can lead to frustration on the part of the hiring manager and co-workers, as well as a delay in the completion of the project.

Should you be looking for Contract employees or contract to hire employees or direct hire placement employees having an IT staffing partner who understands your culture, long-term goals and the industry in which you work, will be much better able to find a candidate who fits within your organization.

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