How are your Policies and Procedures – Join us in our Lunch and Learns

Each year, hundreds of companies are involved in investigations of alleged discrimination, while thousands more are at risk. Workplace discord and disharmony can be attributed to poorly written policies and procedures.

The best way to avoid a great deal of workplace conflict is to have Policies and Procedures for all personnel activity. Policies and Procedures that are well-organized, with defined protocols and practices for the specific organization or company, which also are non-discriminatory, will ensure that everyone knows the boundaries and expediencies of the workplace. Every employee needs to be on the same footing when it comes to expectations, guidelines and culture of the organization for which they work. This presentation is based on the presenter’s years of experience as an investigator and industry best practices for preventing and reducing conflict risk factors. This workshop focuses on key strategies to overcome common potential problems of discrimination or misunderstandings that may cause workplace conflict.

This workshop will cover:

  • Case Studies: Highlighting the impact of poorly written policies and procedures
  • Red Flags: Recognizing poorly written policies and procedures
  • Organizational Alignment: Identifying needs and values
  • Strategies: Overcoming potential problems
Best Practices: Writing well-written policies and procedures
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