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Invictus Consulting is a physical security and risk consulting firm that provides critical answers for today’s rapidly changing security climate, and everything we do has our overarching goal in mind – to create a safer world. Managing partners Chris Wise and Dan Stephens each have over 25 years of experience in the security industry; Mr. Wise is an expert in physical security elements, and Mr. Stephens is an expert in tactical elements. Our third managing partner, Chris Green, has nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate sector and is an expert in business analysis and systems development. Leading a team of qualified and professional security consultants, Messrs. Wise, Stephens, and Green provide unparalleled services that evaluate risk and provide written plans to mitigate that risk.


Having a plan for intelligent threats is increasingly important in today’s world. An intelligent threat is a threat that is a premeditated attack with the goal of causing mass casualty. Active shooters are one type of intelligent threat and terrorist attacks are another. We have seen numerous cases of both of these type of intelligent threats recently – both internationally and right here at home. Another issue, and one that is more likely to arise, is workplace violence. Disgruntled employees, messy divorces, harassment, threatening behavior, weapons in the workplace are all factors that may contribute to workplace violence. American businesses lose over $30 billion annually due to workplace violence because of lost work time, lost wages, reduced productivity, legal expenses, etc.



The question your business needs to ask itself is: What is our plan if a shooter came into the building? What is our plan if there is a terrorist attack in our building? Our city? Maybe your company is in a multi-story, multi-tenant office building. You may think your company is safe from terrorism or an active shooter. (You’re probably not safe, but let’s leave that issue for another time.) If you share space with other businesses, your company needs to have a plan for an intelligent threat – even if that threat isn’t directly targeted towards your company or your employees. A Fire Escape plan isn’t enough. Having everyone move to the main level lobby or congregate right outside the building isn’t a smart strategy when it comes to something like an active shooter.



Emergency responders will show up on the scene within the first few minutes of an event. The question is: What will your company and your employees do in the FIRST 5 MINUTES, before emergency responders and law enforcement arrive? This is where an Emergency Action Plan fits in. An Emergency Action Plan is the result of a thorough risk assessment – an assessment of your current physical security, electronic security applications, business logistics and continuity, and your specific risks given your type of business, location, clientele, etc. By assessing these various aspects of your business, an Emergency Action Plan can be created that will be specific to your company; your location, building, and office space; and your employees. By creating, implementing, and drilling an Emergency Action Plan, you can rest easier knowing that your employees will know what to do to protect themselves should an intelligent threat occur.

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