A new Direction for HR Transformation – Our Guest Blogger- Cay Gliebe, Managing Partner, HR Medix, LLC

A New Direction for HR Transformation Recently, Accenture released a report about A New Blueprint for HR where they identify six new operating models that can make HR more agile. According to Accenture, Executives know that their traditional HR operational model isn’t keeping up with the needs of the business. With 44% of the HR executives they interviewed indicating a flexible operating model is important to improving an organization’s agility and less than 30% indicating their organization is able to effectively create the type of model needed, it’s not surprising that many HR organizations remain in significant transformation pain. Each of the six new alternative models identified by Accenture make perfect sense and will likely benefit businesses who are up for the challenge of being first to test these innovative models. The new models include:

  • Just-in-Time HR Model
  • Professional Services Model
  • Talent Segmented Model
  • Crowdsourced Model
  • Lean HR Model
  • Federated/Decentralized Model
  • HR has been going through major transformation of their HR organizations since the 1990’s starting with the introduction of the Centers of Excellence and business partner models, coupled with internal shared service centers. Emerging in early 2000’s we saw the advent of HR Outsourcing which proceeded through many versions (are we at HRO 4.0 now?). The pressure was on for HR Executives to move to one or a combination of these models. All had similar goals and many are experiencing the same problem of actually achieving the goals. The difficulty lies in what to do about it. While I may not have all of the answers, after more than 30 years in a wide variety of HR related roles, I am a big proponent of “analyzing the data” before changing course. Do you really have all the information you need to determine why you’re not getting the results you expect? Are you ready to invest in a new model fully understanding what skills you may need to ensure it will work? More importantly, have you taken all the actions to improve your current investment? I worry that new models will sound like the answer to the current problem when the problem may not be fully understood and addressed.

Cay Gliebe, Managing Partner, HR Medix, LLC

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