How to De-ICE Your Company

Today on the blog we have Bruce E. Buchanan of Siskind Susser discussing immigration compliance:

Immigration compliance for employers is becoming more and more important.  Since 2008, the chances of being inspected and fined by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have grown by 600%. In FY 2014, ICE collected $15.7 million from employers, and that doesn’t even account for the millions of dollars of assets that were forfeited. Under many state laws, a company can lose their business license because of immigration violations. Federal contractors can be debarred for immigration violations.

So what should employers do to safeguard against these things from happening? First, a company needs to conduct an I-9 self-audit by an immigration compliance attorney or under their supervision.  Through the self-audit, I can find many of the errors committed on the I-9 forms and teach you how to properly correct the errors. If your company corrects the errors before ICE conducts their own I-9 audit, your company will save tens of thousands of dollars, maybe over $100,000. Second, while conducting an audit of your I-9 forms, I will determine whether your company has an existing Immigration Compliance policy. If not, I will draft one to meet your company’s needs.

If your company is one of the companies chosen to be inspected by ICE, I will defend your company to the maximum extent of the law. As a former federal attorney, I understand the mind set of ICE officials.

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