Your Hiring policy Should Be Consistent and Clear

Hiring the right candidate can be a very difficult decision. For this reason, having a sound hiring policy can help your organization stay compliant while identifying the ideal candidate for the job.
Everyone involved in the hiring process needs to be alerted to the policy and procedures included in hiring.  The hiring procedures must be outlined and followed as to avoid confusion, duplication, overlapping or overlooking a vital step.  Each company will probably have a unique hiring policy and sequence to suit the industry and company.
If the government comes in everyone will be interviewed and notes taken to see if policies are followed.  The government cannot dictate your policies nor tell you what to do nor how to apply them.  But the government will make sure that your own policies are being followed fairly and equitably.  This is an easy violation and problems to avoid: Train, and train on a regular basis, annually and with new employees.
Your hiring process must be clear, consistently applied, and unique to your industry and your company. All suggestions should be considered and applied after careful review and consideration.
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