Be Careful with Job Descriptions: Tales from a Former Compliance Officer



Be careful with job descriptions.  During an onsite audit  in South GA, we were investigating potential description in Job Group 2 (Professionals) and Job Group 3 (Technicians).  The company used the basic job qualifications for all professionals.  They did not distinguish between the different requirements for different Accountants, entry level with limited experience, significant experience with more education, and CPAs.  All of these were included in the same pool.  The HR person was confident she was doing things correctly.  After explaining that this specific job group could use a line of progression as Account I, II and III with the different requirements and experience.  This issues was resolved when she reorganized her Applicant Flow Log to reflect specific job descriptions for the positions in which hiring occurred.

In JG 3 she included anyone that used a computer as a technician.  After explaining that this JG included occupations requiring basic scientific knowledge and manual skill that is acquired from post HS education she had a better understanding of what a Technician was.  She was not happy with the extra work and did not realize how I was helping her avoid a very big issue: a possible financial violation.

Just because it is the way you have always done something does not mean it is correct or acceptable.

We are always available for questions on Job Group Categories.  We have a team of  HR Professionals we can recommend for very precise HR tactics. 

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