What is the Value of an Effective Affirmative Action Plan?

First Advantage Consulting Firm is an Affirmative Action Solutions Company
First Advantage Consulting Firm is an Affirmative Action Solutions Company

There is much value from a well developed and maintained Affirmative Action Plan. The Plan is a well organized depiction of the Company’s workforce. It is an easy way to assess and appraise job functions. Since an AAP forces HR personnel to examine all Job Titles making sure they are placed in appropriate Job Groupings which allow for easy job postings. Affirmative Action is a great hiring tool for it allows for the best qualified candidate to show up. The term casting the widest net possible to attract the best qualified candidate is at the heart of Affirmative Action. Business, Colleges, Hospitals, Financial Institutions need to know in which Job Group that they have goals and then follow with appropriate recruitment efforts. This in turn will lead to different hiring behavior.

Affirmative Action is a more proactive and nondiscriminatory approach to finding the best qualified candidate. A well implemented AAP is an asset for the professional HR person. It can help in the hiring and promotions as well in the compensation determinations for employees. Especially if there is a progression process and with the implementation of an effective AAP will bring great reward and less scrutiny. An AAP allows for an effective overview of the whole company. It shows how jobs flow, where necessary increases or decreases need to be made all without discrimination. Many organizations may not intentionally discriminate but the US DOL OFCCP recovers multi-million dollars from Government Contractors for the American Workers yearly and seems like on a monthly basis most often times.

Extreme enforcement could result in debarment. This is the total loss of the Government Contracts for a specified period of time. Even though the goal for Recipients of Federal funds is to avoid violations, the main goal of OFCCP is to find violation everywhere. The US DOL has to justify its existence by giving out violations and most importantly Financial Violations. Managers are rewarded annually with bonuses for finding discrimination in the businesses that are audited. Managers pride themselves in uncovering Financial Recovery for the American Worker. A good Affirmative Action Partner (a trusted consulting firm) can be an asset to protect your assets. As well as being a great tool for the Human resource Department, it is the Law.

To prevent costly violations takes finding a consulting firm which is geared toward Affirmative Action Solutions. Since it is the belief of the writer that all violations can be avoided, it is advantageous to outsource with a company whose core competency is Affirmative Action. Trouble shooting issues from an Affirmative Action Plan should be paramount of the partner consulting company you chose. The best partner is one that has worked enforcing EO 11246, Section 503, and Section 4212.

It is important to know what the government is thinking by having a former inside person. We advocate choosing a company that is focused on avoiding the scrutiny with the US DOL OFCCP. A great collaborator would preferably have former OFCCP compliance officers on staff.Former OFCCP compliance officers bring a two sided perspective. They know the regulations they gave volitions and most importantly they know how to prevent and resolve issues before they begin.Bad data in your AAP throws RED Flags! It’s best to eliminate issues before the AAP is created.

Look at your Affirmative Action Plan closely either within your own organization or partner/provider for ways to proceed with Action Oriented Programs, with ways to facilitate the hiring process, and making Compliance the goal.Industries are fined millions of dollars yearly for not having an Affirmative Action Plan that is compliant in compensation, hiring, terminations and promotions.

Call us today and find out how decades of experience in dealing with the federal government on compliance issues can help you!

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