5 Reasons Why Your Affirmative Action Compliance Efforts Should Be Outsourced:

First Advantage Consulting firm LLc,

We take pride in knowing that even the smallest employers are going to save money by having their plan done by First Advantage Consulting Firm, LLC. Small and Large companies will no longer have the worry and anxiety of not knowing for sure if they are in compliance or not by providing the best possible plan in accordance to regulatory requirements. We eliminate that worry so you can address other issues.
Lager employers can save potentially larger amounts of money if they have multiple plans. The numbers speak for themselves.

You are paying us for our time and for our experience and expertise. Because we are specialist, having reviewed hundreds of Affirmative Action Plans (AAP’s) over the years, we are able to produce the product faster than people who are just entering the specialty. We also provide discounts that will save you money for volume of work when you have additional plans beyond your first establishment.

We don’t recommend trying to comply with all the IRS tax requirements without the aid of a trained and professional accountant. For the same reason, we suggest you think twice about preparing and representing yourself on your AAP. We are like having an IRS agent on your side when we are your chosen consulting firm.

Here are 5 Reasons why your affirmative action compliance should be outsourced:

  1. Reduced Risk – For a federal contractor or subcontractor, the consequences of being non- compliant can range from increased record keeping and reporting to very large monetary recoveries by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) or other government agencies. At worst, contracts may be terminated or the company may be barred from doing business with any federal agency or any company that does business with federal or state government. From 2008-2011 the OFCCP conducted over 15,000 compliance reviews and obtained over 90 million in financial remedies from federal contractors.
  2.  Access to information – A company that is unaware of OFCCP compliance review procedures can unwittingly expose itself to unnecessary liability. When OFCCP compliance officers visit a facility to conduct a review they will examine employee files and interview selected employees the auditors will also check to see that all federal and state mandated posters are displayed and that the facility meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for disabled access. Completion of an excellent AAP reduces the risk of OFCCP compliance officers visiting your facilities. First Advantage Consulting Firm has assisted clients with hundreds of compliance reviews with only three percent involving an onsite visit to the company.
  3.  We help you save and time and money with increased productivity and cost savings in Human Resources – Affirmative Action Plans are complex to develop and maintain. Your organization may lack experienced staff with the time and resources necessary to stay abreast of new regulations and format changes. Productivity improves when those resources are redirected to core HR functions. Surveys show the average time required to complete an Affirmative Action Plan for HR personnel with reasonable knowledge of the subject matter is six to eight weeks.
  4. Access to compliance experts – Benefits of outsourcing your Affirmative Action Plans to First Advantage Consulting Firm include access to world- class services, reduced cost and risk, with your HR staff freed for other business purposes.
  5. Accessibility – First Advantage Consulting Firm’s certified HR professional staff can safely guide you through the Affirmative Action process and is just a phone call away to provide year-round support when you need it. We will answer your questions, provide expert guidance, and keep you advised of the best practices and solutions for keeping government auditors out of your workplace. Most of our clients authorize First Advantage Consulting Firm to work directly with the OFCCP on their behalf during compliance review.

The greatest benefit First Advantage Consulting Firm AAP outsourcing provides is peace of mind that your organization is up to date and in compliance with federal AAP regulations.

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