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First Advantage Consulting Firm, LLC was founded to provide services to companies that currently have Government Contracts and are held accountable under the rules and regulations of the Federal Government. One of these programs is known as the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), which is monitored and audited by the Department Of Labor Office of Federal Compliance Programs.

To further add to the company’s success was the ability to handle all issues on both business and of a personal nature. To further enhance F.A.C.F  future it obtains a highly technical staff that has the ability to provide governmental agencies within the Department of Defense aircraft and weapons division the ability to train  personnel and to maintain aircraft systems so that operational readiness.  

First Advantage Consulting Firm, LLC is mainly a Affirmative Action Solutions Company, whose management team of employment specialists provide professional services to Federal contractors throughout the United States. First Advantage Consulting Firm, LCC was formed to permit employment management specialists a means to provide services to organizations that seek to utilize their unique expertise. Our team of management employment specialists has over 100 years of OFCCP auditing experience.

We can conduct a comprehensive compliance review of your facilities in preparation for actual OFCCP compliance review. Let our management employment team review your desk audit submissiosn before you send that data to OFCCP. We specialize in finding problems before the OFCCP does.

Let us review your personnel and compensation data before an audit occurs. We want you to take the appropriate corrective actions early enough to correct them. We also conduct adverse impact and compensation analyses before the agency reviews your data. The AAP  program has been known to restrict companies that are not in compliance. This inhibits their growth because they’re stuck paying off thousands of dollars in fines due to non-compliance.

We provide an elite and highly specialized service that reviews your present AAP for a small consultation fee. Our consultation service will review and recommend adjustments to your company’s AAP so that you can be in compliance. 

We also provide a full service program which is a flat fee. This is called a project fee. This is where we will furnish the manual on your behalf with the information you provide. We know what to do in order to ensure that there isn’t an on-site audit required . Our goal is to make sure that when a review is scheduled, your  company will pass with flying colors. These services are expressed for all the services provided by F.A.C.F.

Can you afford not to have our services? It only takes one time to be AUDITED, lose your case with the OFCCP and be fined. This is a yearly process that is required by the Department of Labor. We also have discounted rates for contract term agreements as well.

We can assemble the AAP program for you with your detailed documentation. Our fees will save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Once you are in an audit and  found negligent, you will have to pay a settlement which might exceed thousands. This could lead to your company’s loss of working capital and future contracts with the government. This means that you will not be eligible to bid for another contract for three years.

As the sky is the limit and there isn’t a mountain we cannot surmount, let First Advantage Consulting Firm, LLC help you obtain your goals and to keep your programs in compliance.

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